Is Fido Right for Your Family?

Finding a new puppy or adult dog is a great, fun experience. Along with having fun getting all those warm kisses, there are several ways you can check a dog’s temperament in order to figure out whether or not it will be a good fit for your home and family.


We at Blog on Dogs have two tests we’ve found helpful. We learned these from Brian Kilcommons and SarahWilson’s book, “Good Owners, Great Dogs.” The book isn’t new – it was published in 1992 and 1999 – but the tips it gives for dealing with our canine friends are as effective as ever.



Is he the one for you?



Sound Sensitivity Test

While the dog is paying no attention to you, drop a set of keys on the floor. Of course the dog should startle – if he doesn’t, he might have a hearing problem! But shortly afterward, he should recover from his fear, and may come over to the keys to investigate. If he cowers under a chair indefinitely, keep looking! You might not mind if the dog is afraid of your vacuum cleaner, but the problem is, he my be constantly frightened by noise from traffic, children, or the television. There’s no point in adopting a dog that lives a stressful life. Neither one of you will get the enjoyment out of the relationship that you should.


The Attraction Test

In a quiet room, squat down in front of the dog, with a big smile on your face, clap your hands a few times. Don’t say anything – just smile and act excited. Again, the dog that runs off and stays frightened is only a good choice if you can work with it consistently in a very quiet environment. If you – as most people do – want to have it a lively home, find a dog that is happy you’re excited and wants to join in on the fun.

Good luck hunting for your new family member!


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