My problem is…..

Sick Puppy?
While we are not veterinarians, if you’ll tell us what your problem is we’ll do our best to tell you what has worked for us. We’ll also give you some sites to go to for more information. Our visitors are welcome to share their advice.



  1. Patrick Toomey replied:

    I have a 7 yr. old cocker spaniel. We adopted it a year ago from a resuce shelter.

    Unfortunately, she has long ears and is always rubbing them on the carpet.

    Got any ideas on how we can help her?


  2. blogondogs replied:

    Hi Patrick,
    We’re so sorry to hear your cocker spaniel is having trouble. It sure sounds like she needs to go to the vet, the poor thing. It also sounds very much like she might have an ear infection, especially if you notice an odor coming from her ears. It could also be a problem with her nose, rather than her ears. We have heard of dogs rubbing their noses on the carpet, but it appears to the owners as if they are rubbing their ears. The problem could be an allergy, which is making her nose itch. Either way, we recommend taking her to the vet, asap!
    Thanks for visiting us, and please send us a photo of your cocker spaniel!

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