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Blog on Dogs is a place for dog lovers to relax, converse and commune with one another and our four-legged friends. Whether you favor the little ones, the big ones, or any size in between, you will find something of interest in our pages. Our mission is to inform, entertain and engage you. Blog on Dogs is constantly adding material, including tips on using the training methods we’ve found effective, canine health care advice published in major newspapers and magazines and, of course, photos and stories from dog lovers everywhere.

Join our pack of dog lovers by jumping right in . . . we’re waiting to hear your comments and see photos of your favorite dogs!



  1. hlenaere replied:

    Nicely written and a good idea for a blog. I hope to see lots more in the days to come. I am a dog owner also and will be intersted to read what you have to say. And by the way, I like the “little ones.”

  2. wittyliz replied:

    I love dogs a lot. I have three at my house and two at fiance’s house. I also used to breed dachshunds until my Daisy, my female, had some problems with the last litter she had. She had to get an emergency c-section and they spayed her. My fiance has a dachshund and a basset hound. All them have there own character and create lots of fun.

  3. blogondogs replied:

    Wittyliz, Do your dachshunds and your basset get along well? We had a basset when we were growing up – we named him Deacon because we got him from the preacher of our church. 🙂 Of course, we at Blog on Dogs love all dogs, but have a soft spot for bassets. Are your dachshunds long haired or short haired, and do they shed much?

  4. wittyliz replied:

    Actually the basset hound goes crazy when the dachshund is not around and also vice versa. They love each other a lot and do not like to be separated which is kind of funny. All the dachshunds are short haired and they do not shed a lot. I have three black and tan ones and one that is a red-tan shade. They are all very playful and lots of fun.

  5. blogondogs replied:

    WittyLiz, I would love to see them. Do you have any photos to bring to class, or e-mail me? When you get married, will you take one or two with you?

  6. scooper replied:

    I love the new layout of your blog. Keep up the good work.

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